Shinobi Warfare Cheat (TEAM UNITY)

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  • FOR STEAM – Replace swf file inside and run the game, proceed to start training mission (to generate default config).
  • Instant Battle (Event, Daily, Mission, Arena, Hunting House, Clan)
  • Spoof Name, Name Color, Colors, Skills, Weapons, Backitems, Sets.
  • Spoof Battle Result Damage / Skills.
  • Edit skill/item attributes.
  • Edit Recruits (won’t show on mission panel, but it will be instantiated in battle.)
  • Automatically goes to mission (activate with instant battle you can levelup/gold super fast.
  • Editable pets.
  • Create a panel to automatic login, finish every mission/event/clan, or loop a mission to gain experience + gold ( you can technically create 100 id and win every clan events this way)
  • Completly spoof battlerecord with randomize data.
  • You can prob create your own game/server by redirecting all the communications to your rest api.
  • & More!

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