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  • Player & Entities ESP
  • Ores ESP
  • Forageables ESP
  • Trees ESP
  • Animals ESP
  • Bugs ESP
  • Enable Silent Aimbot (within ~25-30m or shots won’t teleport and validate)
  • Enable Legacy Aimbot (work-in-progress / camera boom angle changes when aiming. Working on predictive angle offsetting during this bow transition)
  • Aim Smoothing slider (makes your aim less sticky. Easier to target other animals)
  • Aim Offset Adjustment draggable grid (should help adjust the issue with bow aiming camera boom changes for now)
  • Enable FOV Circle (FOV circle with advanced targeting functionality based on entity scoring)
  • Teleport To Targeted entity (top mouse button)
  • Teleport Dropped Loot To Player (automatically teleport all dropped loot to your player to gather – TURN ON LOOT ESP)
  • Send Animals To Orbit(fun mod – work-in-progress / may invalidate animals. Working on disabling the AI brain component)
  • Enable NoClip (fly around the map without restrictions. Hooks your WASD keys for movement)
  • NoClip fly speed slider (change the speed of your NoClip flying)
  • Selectable Movement Modes (Walking, Flying, Fly No Collision) (another way to mess with your movement types)
  • Global Game Speed input (changes your global game speed [timescale mod])
  • Walk Speed input (change the speed of your player walking. Has issues above “high”)
  • Climbing Speed input (change the speed of your player climbing. Should work all the way)
  • Gliding Speed input (change the speed of your player gliding. Haven’t noticed any issues)
  • Gliding Fall Speed input (set this to “none” for 1.0 gliding fall speed. Glide forever and get where you want)
  • Jump Velocity input (change the jump height of your player)
  • Step Height input (change the step height of your player. Step over massive walls and such)
  • Quick Sell Items interface (sell preset or custom amounts of items from your inventory slots)
  • Enable Instant Fishing (force end fishing when your bobber hits the water)
  • Perfect Catch option (choose whether your catch was perfect or not every time)
  • Auto Rod Re-casting (Automatically re-cast your fishing rod, with the option for left-click requirement or fully autonomous)
  • Instant Sell All Fish (Automatically sell all fish from every inventory slot. Open a shop once for this to work)
  • Discard Non-Fish (Automatically discard non-fish items from your inventory when fishing. Open a shop once for this to work)
  • Start and End Rod Health sliders (customize the total health of your fishing rod)
  • Start and End Fish Health sliders (customize the total health of the fish when caught)
  • Capture and override fishing spot options (capture and fish from any previous fishing pool)
  • Display current coordinates (use these coordinates to perform certain actions)
  • List of teleport locations (a good list of easily teleportable locations to efficiently perform tasks such as shopping, repairing, etc)
  • Custom coordinate input (enter or get custom coordinates to perform certain actions)
  • Buttons for teleport actions (teleport home, to locations, and other actions)
  • Place housing objects anywhere (decorate your house anyway you’d like)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What are Game Cheats or Roblox Scripts?
A: Cheats or Scripts are special codes, commands, or modifications designed to provide players with advantages, shortcuts, or altered gameplay experiences in computer games. These cheats can range from unlocking special items or abilities to manipulating game mechanics for various effects.
Q: Are Game Cheats or Roblox Scripts Legal?
A: The legality of using Cheats or Scripts varies. While some cheats are provided by game developers themselves as Easter eggs or debug tools, using third-party cheats or modifications may violate the terms of service of the game or the platform it's played on. Players should consult the terms of service and relevant laws before using cheats.
Q: How to Use Game Cheats or Roblox Scripts?
A: Using Cheats or Scripts typically involves entering specific commands, codes, or installing modifications into the game. The method varies depending on the game and the type of cheat. Players can often find cheat codes or instructions online from community forums, cheat code websites, or game guides.


Game Cheats or Roblox Scripts offer players a way to customize their gaming experience or overcome challenges. However, players should be aware of the legal and ethical considerations when using cheats and ensure they comply with the rules set by game developers and platform providers.