Need for Speed World Cheat (DRUNK EXTERNAL)

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  • F1 tank mode
  • F2 ignore objects
  • F3 ignore walls
  • F4 smooth walls
  • F5 perfect start
  • F6 perfect switch
  • F7 fast powerups
  • F8 fast loading
  • F9 ignore spike
  • F10 ignore pursuit
  • F11 pursuit level
  • F12 max pursuit
  • Pause easy handling
  • Del insane traffic
  • Home free camera
  • End chat spam
  • PageUp speed core
  • PageDown speed car
  • Num0 auto drive
  • Num1 auto multiplayer
  • Num2 auto singleplayer
  • Num3 auto circuit
  • Num4 auto sprint
  • Num5 auto drag
  • Num6 auto pursuit
  • Num7 auto team escape
  • Num8 auto powerups
  • Num9 auto repair
  • & More!

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