How To Play “Cloud Song – บทกวีแห่งท้องฟ้า” on Laptop or PC?

The most challenging journey in the limitless world with your beloved pets in Cloud Song has officially launched!
The beginning of the melody with friends is available for download today. and roam the poems of the sky together!

Cloud Song, a cute style MMORPG Adventure lets you travel in the city of clouds with your pet. Increase the fun with the pet transformation evolution system to increase strength. Let’s build new friendships with your best friend in every special journey.

— Highlights —
☆ Super cute pet system Evolve the body to increase the thrilling damage.
Your trusty pet goes out with you in every adventure, able to evolve up to 3 levels with unique skills, plus Pet is the cutest and most adorable!

☆ Top 5 careers, skill development to high-class
You can choose to play according to your favorite style. The right gender is unlimited, including Mage, Archer, Oracle, Swordman, and Rogue, and can change up to 2 career lines together, no matter what class it is, it’s all worth playing!

☆ Unlimited mix & match fashion outfits
Express yourself with a variety of fashion systems. Be yourself by matching various fashion items. Dress according to your style in the most fantasy style.

☆ Organize the strongest team Defeat Legendary Bosses
Good teamwork is half the battle won!! fight with friends Hunt bosses for a chance to win rare items. Increase your unlimited power

☆ Many mini games Choose to play to your heart’s content at every moment.
full activity Whether it’s sending deliveries, chicken races, boss hunting, transform into a cute turnip to complete various missions.

☆ Gather allies Battle in the ultimate 40 vs 40 war.
Explode the fun in the battle for the first place. Team up to win the Guild Wars event. Receive many special prizes

☆ Meet new friends Press the fall, not lonely.
The path to becoming an idol is not difficult anymore. The blog system will allow you to update the news with your friends in the game, strengthening the relationship even more closely. If you like someone, throw your heart~

  • Visit the Download Page below.
  • Click on Download on PC.
  • Install the Downloaded File and it will automatically install the emulator and the game.
  • Enjoy =)