How To Play “인피니티 킹덤” on Laptop or PC?

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*【Launch at 12:00 noon on September 23】*
The dream match of the strongest SLG federations!
[Infinity Kingdom] Federation All-Star League begins
※Cafe attendance check event-

For the honor of the current alliance, and for the glory of the past!
The daily life of war, which had stopped in 2021, begins to move again.

For all-star league details, check the link below.
※Information link –

▣Game Introduction▣
■ MMOSLG stands on the All-Star League throne
All federations around the world gather in the Infinity Kingdom!
Challenge the throne for the honor of my alliance and the glory of the past!
And imprint the world that SLG is the strongest alliance!

■ The flower of strategy, the heroes of mythology and history
A more powerful reinterpretation of myths and history!
Various worldview heroes such as Greek mythology, Three Kingdoms, and the Roman Empire appear!
Unleash new strategies using the right heroes in the right place.

■ Add RPG sensibility to strategic SLG
The unique characteristics and special moves of each hero with a colorful and unique character!
The thrilling skill action and the joy of hero combinations that have only been felt in RPGs
For the first time in SLG, complete an RPG-esque battle style.

■ Challenge a new strategic area!
Seven unique elements and seven dragons!
Depending on the element, there is a correlation between the correlations and the combination synergy effect.
Feel the diversity of new and more powerful strategies.

■ Endless battles with alliances around the world!
Various war contents such as relic scramble and illusion fantasy!
Your sleeping instinct for war awakens again in Infinity Kingdom.
Challenge the world right now!

  • Visit the Download Page below.
  • Click on Download on PC.
  • Install the Downloaded File and it will automatically install the emulator and the game.
  • Enjoy =)