How To Play “白夜極光-滿月慶典活動” on Laptop or PC?

The opposing light and darkness, use the line of light to guide your companions and fight against the darkness!

Be sure to become the force that guides the light!

Ultra-aesthetic connection strategy RPG

[Fantasy and magnificent world view]

The white night of aurora crisscrossing, starting from the junction of the sky and the universe, let’s move towards the other side of the aurora together!

Estra, as well as the luminous and empty tribes who have lived here since historical records.

The peace that lasted for hundreds of years gradually collapsed due to the invasion of dark ghosts under the command of the Mystery Organization.

A tribe of air races that perished after being attacked by dark ghosts. You survived hardships and spent a long time going underground in order to escape.

17 years later, a light spirit discovered you by accident and brought you back to the surface where the light is…

The irreversible reality, and the fetters of the spirits. Manipulate ancient relics and colossus, travel through holy cities and deserts, and guide the light with your charming companions! This is a grand poem that belongs to you, regaining the light of the future.

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  • Click on Download on PC.
  • Install the Downloaded File and it will automatically install the emulator and the game.
  • Enjoy =)