Ghost of Tsushima Cheat (CHEAT TABLE)

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  • Save/Load Stats to File
  • Health
  • Max Health
  • Show Outline/Hearing
  • Resolve
  • Exp
  • Total Technique Point Earned
  • Current Stance Progress
  • Unlock Special (Skill/Charm/Special stuff. Some charms only change stats and don’t have a special effect then you will have to change it in the player stats instead)
  • Stats (Additional player stats. This isn’t complete because too many stats)
  • Location (Current player location)
  • Teleport to waypoint/marker (Enable it then put down a waypoint on the map then close the map then you will teleport there. You can keep this enabled all the time.)
  • No Detection (Made by impushingp)
  • Unlock All (Temporary so it won’t affect save game)
  • Unlock All Cosmetic (Permanent)
  • Game Time (This is just visual for me)
  • Arrow
  • Dart
  • Throwable
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Cloth
  • Goods
  • World Time
  • Gear Resource
  • Resource
  • Item Editor (Hover an item to load that item’s stats. Exceeding the stat max value will have no effect. To see the stat max value, go to the item modification and you will see it. You can see if the stat has an impact or not by looking at the Player->Stats)

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