Content Warning Cheat (JHROX INTERNAL)

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  • Kill Yourself
  • Revive Yourself
  • The Walking Dead
  • Inf Stamina
  • Godmod
  • Inf Oxygen
  • Inf Camera
  • Inf Battery
  • Inf Jump
  • Silly Mod
  • No Gravity
  • Super Jump
  • Super Speed
  • Set Custom Speed
  • Set Custom Gravity
  • Set Next Day (Host Only)
  • Add 50K Money (Host Only)
  • Revive All
  • Force Players To Sleep
  • Open Divingbell
  • Kill All Monsters
  • Fast Camera Beep
  • Divingbell lock (locks game nobody can start the game)
  • Players To Sleep Loop !!!May Cause Game Crash!!!
  • Kill All Monsters Loop
  • Duplicate Player !!!May Cause Game Crash!!!
  • Broke The Drone (Drone Cant Deliver)
  • Open Sliding Doors (Always Opens Sliding Doors)
  • Divingbell To Surface (Host Only)
  • Divingbell To UnderWorld (Host Only)
  • Monster Spawner !!!May Cause Game Crash!!!
  • Player Box Esp
  • Player Line Esp
  • Player String Esp
  • Player Esp Custom Color
  • Enemy Box Esp
  • Enemy Line Esp
  • Enemy String Esp
  • Enemy Esp Custom Color
  • Monster Custom Color Esp
  • Add 500K Meta Coins
  • Remove 500K Meta Coins
  • Clear Inventory
  • Add Inf Quota (Host Only)
  • Delete 50K Money (Host Only)
  • Restock Hat Store
  • Force Players To Pickup Item
  • Start Game (Open Door)
  • Reset Surface
  • More Harder Spawn
  • Close Lasers
  • Crazy Monsters
  • Crazy Trampoline
  • Crazy Pool Physics
  • Time Set Evening
  • Delete Pickups (Host Only)
  • & More!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What are Game Cheats or Roblox Scripts?
A: Cheats or Scripts are special codes, commands, or modifications designed to provide players with advantages, shortcuts, or altered gameplay experiences in computer games. These cheats can range from unlocking special items or abilities to manipulating game mechanics for various effects.
Q: Are Game Cheats or Roblox Scripts Legal?
A: The legality of using Cheats or Scripts varies. While some cheats are provided by game developers themselves as Easter eggs or debug tools, using third-party cheats or modifications may violate the terms of service of the game or the platform it's played on. Players should consult the terms of service and relevant laws before using cheats.
Q: How to Use Game Cheats or Roblox Scripts?
A: Using Cheats or Scripts typically involves entering specific commands, codes, or installing modifications into the game. The method varies depending on the game and the type of cheat. Players can often find cheat codes or instructions online from community forums, cheat code websites, or game guides.


Game Cheats or Roblox Scripts offer players a way to customize their gaming experience or overcome challenges. However, players should be aware of the legal and ethical considerations when using cheats and ensure they comply with the rules set by game developers and platform providers.