How To Play “全面屍控-「陰屍路」聯名手遊” on Laptop or PC?

November 12, 2021 Naru Kotoishi No Comments

“Total Corpse Control” Anniversary Celebration! A lot of benefits are waiting for you!

Set off! Guard the world with Xu Huaiyu!

“The Walking Dead (The Walking Dead) Joint Mobile Game”

“The corpse-speed train” breaks through the last line of defense of human civilization. The splendor constructed by mankind for five thousand years, only broken walls are left… “total corpse control”…

You, a “survivor” fighting alone, can only fight against the whales of the dark end…

You are the “survivor” of human hope, leading lost partners, making good use of smart leadership, organizing alliances, exploring and pioneering, using scarce resources to rebuild their homes step by step.

50 million doomsday warriors are rescuing the collapsed world. Heroes of all kinds and styles have long been armed with confident spear blades to kill the enemy bravely. Taiwan’s exclusive hero “Candy” has a pretty appearance in student uniforms, accompany you to shoot zombies together!!

  • Visit the Download Page below.
  • Click on Download on PC.
  • Install the Downloaded File and it will automatically install the emulator and the game.
  • Enjoy =)