8 Reasons Why Android Phones Are Way Better Compared to iPhones

  1. Better Value – The prices of iPhones are quite high while smartphones with Android platforms are much cheaper.
  2. Lot of Hardware Choices – When you’re in the market for a new smartphone, Apple offers three hardware choices. The current iPhone lineup comes in two sizes, big and bigger, and two price ranges, expensive and really expensive. And those devices are rarely discounted.
    By contrast, your Android choices cover a wide range of sizes, shapes, feature sets, and price points.
  3. Rich Maps – The inbuilt maps applications nestled in the iPhone are not as good as Google’s.
  4. Better Battery Life – I’m continually amazed by how much battery life I get out of Android handsets.
  5. More Features – I have Android handsets with all sorts of features, from thermal cameras to night vision. Seems niche, and it is, but adding those sorts of features to an iPhone handset would involve lots of expensive dongles.
  6. Easier to Use User Interface – As much as I like the iPhone’s Control Center, it’s clumsy, awkward, and there’s just not enough customization. By comparison, Android’s Quick Settings panel offers a greater level of customization, and well as offering me a one-tap button to get straight into the Settings app.
    I think the difference is fundamental. Apple doesn’t want users to be playing in the settings, while Android is built with the idea that people are going to need to get into the settings.
  7. There’s a back button – The Back button on Android phones is simple and helpful to return to a previous screen which is NOT available on iPhones.
  8. Apps Flexibility – It is very easy to download the apps directly from Google’s app store to your PC or on the Android phone. You can easily share apps files with each other directly via WiFi, which can’t be done on an iPhone.